Water wars are all over the news lately.  Parts of Georgia are running out of drinkable water because of the drought, bringing a years-long argument with Florida to a head.  Meanwhile in Florida, a controversial plan to take water from the St. Johns River to feed thirsty central Florida, home of Disney World and a host of other tourist attractions, is getting some folks up in arms.  Water issues like these are always emotional.

“Don’t take my drinking water for your shell fish.”  “Your poor planning is no reason to steal my water.”  These sentiments run rampant in the media.  Those who want to get involved or take a stand need to study the issue at hand.  Often, there are technical complexities, and a lot of information that isn’t reported in the local newspaper. 

I see water wars becoming more prevalent.  Not that we’re really running out of water.  We’re just running out of water that doesn’t cost much to treat.  We’ve taken it for granted too long, but it won’t be undervalued much longer.