Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on what we should be grateful for. 

In addition to family, friends, and our wonderful way of life–we can be thankful for nature’s balance. 

Disaster may strike one day–say the recent cyclone that hit Bangladesh–but we have many days of perfect “bluebird” weather.  In one part of the country we may have a serious drought, but in another we get the perfect conditions for bunker crops.

Nature gives us a balance of people and personalities too.  I might get frustrated with those who are a little too radical in their quest to help the environment.  But we need them to offset those whose only thought is profit, and who would eradicate a species without a thought if it meant a better bottom-line.

I don’t think we need to stop using cars or go back to hanging our clothes out to dry to save the earth.  But we should all try to do the little things that add up to conserving precious resources.  Turn out the lights when we leave the room.  Use the low setting on the washer when we have a small load.  Recycle if that option’s available.

You don’t have to go to the Amazon jungle or the Blue Ridge Mountains to appreciate the natural world.  Just go out in your back yard, look and listen.  Even in New York you can feed the pigeons–and appreciate nature’s balance.