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Michael Stelzner, the “Grandfather of White Papers” according to MarketingSherpa, is hosting the largest online event dedicated to helping entrepeneurs successfully market their business using white papers. It’s called the White Paper Success Summit 2010, led by some of the top names in the copywriting and marketing business, including Michael,  Bob Bly, Joe Pulizzi, and many others.

Michael is offering a chance to win two seats at the White Paper Success Summit. I’m going for it, and here’s why.

With a 30 year background in water environment work, I decided to focus my writing business on environmental, health and safety topics. I’ve seen white papers used successfully in this niche many times, but hadn’t had the opportunity to actually write a white paper.

I’ve read Michael’s excellent book, Writing White Papers, which is a “how-to” for every step of white paper writing. Attending the White Paper Success Summit 2010 would put me on the fast-track to specialize in white paper writing for the environmental, health and safety industry. I’ve targeted 2010 as the year to really kick my writing business, Logical Ecology Environmental Writing, into high gear and the Success Summit will be my impetus.

With some of the top names in the world showing me how to implement techniques to market my business along with my clients’ businesses, I’ll learn how to stand out from my competitors. And the session on White Paper Marketing should segue perfectly with the Social Media Success Summit that I attended last year. I’m still reeling from all the great information from that course–perhaps another is in the works for 2010?

What I’m most excited about is the real-world successful experience of the instructors. Theory is great, but hearing tried-and-true techniques from the people who make a living (and a darn good one, at that) from writing white papers is invaluable. Having the opportunity to “pick the instructors’ brains” at a live event means I’ll hear down-to-earth advice and honest answers to my questions. But if I’m not able to attend one of the sessions live, I’ll have the recorded session available.

Because I’m still working at a full-time job while I’m building my writing business, the online summit format is terrific. I won’t have to take time off, or pay for expensive travel costs. I’ll be able to start working on a white paper project right away instead of waiting till I’m back home.

I’m also looking forward to networking with the other students on the dedicated forum. I always learn something from other attendees.

Should I be fortunate enough to win the two seats at the White Paper Success Summit 2010, I would invite Liane Pirscher to join me. She’s a writer from Germany, and I met her at the American Writers and Artists, Inc. Copywriting Bootcamp a few years ago. Liane is multi-lingual and has a successful copywriting business. I’m sure she’d love to join me in learning how to write and market white papers.

Writing white papers is the perfect match for my environmental, health and safety writing business. There are all kinds of problems to be solved in that industry–and all kinds of businesses offering great solutions. I’d love to learn how to promote those businesses by writing white papers.


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