donnakWelcome to the Logical Ecology website!

I’m Donna Kaluzniak, and I’ve been working in the environmental – water field since 1979.   I believe in taking action to help the environment based on a combination of science and common sense–instead of jumping onto the latest bandwagon.  And making decisions based on facts instead of emotions. 

I’m a professional writer and owner of Logical Ecology Environmental Writing. You can reach me at

I graduated from the University of North Florida with a B.A. in English/Communications and a Master of Public Administration Degree. I’m a Certified Environmental Professional, a licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator and certified Enviromental Laboratory Technician.

 I’m a book nut, and have a collection of autographed books ranging from poetry to novels to nonfiction. 

I’m married to a wonderful guy who is much more exciting than I am.  He’s a private pilot and races a sprint car.  I act as his “pit crew” if you use a very loose interpretation of the term. In our spare time, we take our dogs, Toni & Junior to the local nature parks.