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There’s a new website that will let you calculate how much water you use per day.  Not how much water goes through your meter–but how much water it takes to maintain your normal daily activities.  Remember, it takes water to manufacture the goods you buy, to grow the food you eat, to provide electricity and fuel. 

It’s H2O Conserve and it’s a joint project of Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, GRACE, Food & Water Watch, and The John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future.

My individual water use was 1,132.17 gallons per day and for our household, my husband and I use 2,264.35 gallons per day.  In comparison, the average American uses 1,189.3 gallons each day–so I’m not too far off track. 

The site also contains tips on water conservation and some interesting articles.  Check it out and see how you and your family compare, then try to put some of the water conservation tips to work.


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